Friday, June 26, 2009

There ain't no bugs on me (hopefully).

We've been spending so much time outside lately and I'm completely eaten up by mosquitoes. I have bites everywhere. I hated the thought of spraying OFF or some other DEET product on my skin every day, so I looked for a natural recipe. I found that just about all of them called for an essential oil mixed with a carrier oil or alcohol. Using oil as a carrier just seemed too oily for me. I don't want oily skin in the hot, humid summer. I decided on using the recipe on this site. My coworker has a ton of essential oils, and she gave me a bottle of eucalyptus oil because she never uses it. Sweet! I already had witch hazel at home, so I used that as the carrier. I made a double batch, which was about 4-5 Tbsp of witch hazel and about 40 drops of the eucalyptus oil. That stuff is potent! I had an empty hair product spray bottle, so I put the mixture in there. I didn't get a chance to try it out today, but I will tomorrow! I hope it works!

We decided to name the puppy Elmer. Did I say that already? It took us forever to pick a name! Elmer fits him though. :-) He's growing like a weed! I swear he's grown a ton already.


Becky said...

Gosh, he's cute! :) I can't wait to meet Elmer when we go camping!
You'll have to tell me if the homemade mosquito repellent works. Poor Evan comes in with huge red spots on his legs if we go out in the evening.

Dad said...

Holy cow Katie Elmer really has grown! Is the Scoot still ok with him? And please let me know if the repellent works too because they're all over the place now. Love you, Dad

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