Monday, June 8, 2009

Random stuff!

This evening was so nice. Well, it was hot and sweaty, but turned out nice. David's parents came over to watch the kids so we could finish getting our stuff out of the old place. All that's left over there is a mirror and our vacumn. There's a few small things in the shed, but we're just about done! It was hot and stuffy because the air conditioning hasn't been on in the old place. My legs were sweating. I hate that!

We came home and put the kids to bed and then we stayed out in the yard for a bit. I did a few things in the garden. The cukes haven't been coming up very well, so I replanted some pickling cuke seeds and some regular ones.

The corn seems to be growing better, so I thinned some out. I want to give more room so the stalks don't get cramped. These poor plants below had no chance.

The gourds I planted the other day are all coming up!

The beans I replanted are doing MUCH better. Just about al of them are breaking ground now.

David got on the roof yesterday to fix some shingles that had never been nailed down. It was hot up there! I had to get up and help hold them so he could nail them. It was nice to get a bird's eye view though.

Hens and chicks! These came from a house that we looked at (more like glanced at) when we were looking to buy. The old woman who lived in the house had moved into a nursing home. This poor pot of hens and chicks was sitting on her porch, and I'm sure it hadn't been watered in forever. When the realtor went around the side of the house, I snatched two of the hens and put them in my pocket. :-) I'm sure the old lady would like that someone is loving her plant babies. They're doing really well....they've more than doubled in size and now they have babies of their own! I really need to repot them, because they've outgrown this little pot.

Hey there Tucker! Enjoying the daylillies?

New arrivals! David and I drove to Delaware on Saturday and got these six new babies! There are two barred rocks (a cockerel and a pullet), a leghorn mix cockerel (put looks pretty girly to me), two araucana pullets (they call them easter eggers because they lay pale blue and green eggs!), and an araucana/barred rock cross pullet. They're smaller than my original chicks, so of course they got picked on. They get along fabulously with the turkeys though, so they'll have their own little gang. :)

I put the big kids in the garage this afternoon so the little kids could go outside and play. What did they do? Huddle in the corner and try to all take dirt baths in the same spot!

The two barred rocks getting a drink.

David's dad brought me some more step-in posts (sweet!), and I got another roll of fencing, so now their pen is much bigger! I'll take some pictures of that tomorrow! And I really need to start thinking of chicken names. They're too friendly now to not have names!

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Becky said...

Don't you love a day like that! Man, you guys got a lot accomplished! I'm glad your garden is doing so well now :) How many chicks do you have total now? You've got quite a gang (what do you call a big herd of chickens?? A flock??)

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