Monday, June 15, 2009

A taste of free-ranging!

It's hard to get pictures of the chickens when they're in their pen because it's so shady in there. I opened their fence and had to shoo them out into the yard because they were a little nervous.

Cogburn is keeping an eye on me while he eats the plants.

See the little black pullet? That's Eula. I like how she's still in this picture but the others are moving all around. :-)

Miss Frizzle is finally all feathered out. Her head is um, interesting. It's kinda on the ugly side of interesting. She's just too funny though. She's one of the smaller chicks, and she's so goofy. Her little feet go flying when she tries to keep up with the flock.

Mr. Frizzle is finally looking decent.

The turkeys wouldn't stay still for pictures! They loved going into the bushes, so it was hard to see them. They're really getting big!

Scooter is helping round them all up. Luckily he's good at listening to the "wait" command. He loves helping out and take the job seriously!

We did some work in the garden tonight, so I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. :-)

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