Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New puppy and other stuff.

Well, lots to blog about since the last post! We have a new addition to the family! He is a 13 week old Mastiff mix puppy from a dog rescue. So far he's fitting in nicely! He's very sweet, and loves to snuggle and be loved on. Last night he took a nap in my lap and snored the whole time! We think we're going to name him Elmer, but knowing us it could change. We're pretty indecisive.

Scooter isn't thrilled at having the new guy here, but Elmer loves Scooter! He keeps trying to give him kisses.

We also started a chicken coop! Dad and Lisa came to visit to help out with it. David's dad also helped out! We're pretty lucky to have dads that came to help us work on Father's Day! We got a lot done!

Here's the start of the floor:

Then we put up the front and back walls. The front wall is 8' tall. It seemed huge at first!

Then we put up the side walls.

Once the walls were up we started in on the roof!

Then came the sheathing for the walls.

We got the roof finished and most of the sheathing up, but we ran out of lumber. I ran back to Lowe's yesterday and got the rest of the lumber and the paint. I only got a gallon of paint for the walls (because you can't return special colors) and I didn't want to have too much extra. I need more though! I have one side left to paint. It's going to match the house. I got a gallon of white trim paint, but haven't started on that yet. We also got the rest of the sheathing put up yesterday, and cut out the hole for the door. Tonight hopefully we can finish up a few more things. We still need to make the door and hang it, cut out the door in the front for the chickens, and make their ramp. I'm pretty sure I'll need to paint the inside of the coop in case rain gets in the windows. We used OSB, which isn't meant for outside use, but it's way cheaper than plywood. As long as it's painted I think it'll be fine. As soon as it's functional, the chickens can go in. I can build their nesting boxes and roosts once they're living in it. I think it'll look nice all finished with flower boxes in the windows!

Speaking of chickens, Miss Frizzle is under the weather. She started acting funny the other day, but I didn't think much of it because she was still getting around ok. Sunday she wasn't walking well, and only wanted to sit/lay down. I have her separated so she can get food and water without getting trampled on. Last night her toes started curling. I've done some reading, and it sounds like curly-toe paralysis, which is caused by a riboflavin (vit. B2) deficiency. I got some baby vitamins today, so I'm going to give those to her tonight. I hope they work! I'd sure hate to lose her.

Tonight I hope to get the tomatoes staked. It's so hard doing so many things at once! :-)


Becky said...

That coop is going to be awesome!! What a great home for the chickies :) Your pup is so cute. I love those ears :) I'll cross my fingers for Miss Frizzle :(

Linda said...

What a cute face!!!! And a very nice home for the chickens.

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