Saturday, May 1, 2010

Plucky Poultry

First off, I have no idea why the text is being underlined, and I have no idea how to stop it. Blogger sometimes does this to me and I'm not sure why. Does anyone know?

As you may know, Wanda has been broody for several months now. She's had a few unsuccessful attempts at hatching chicks. Finally her hard work paid off...sort-of. She had been sitting on 10 eggs that were due to hatch this weekend, (May 2nd.). Oh look, no more underlining. What the heck? Anyway, two of the eggs started hatching early (on day 17 instead of day 21). One of the chicks never made it out of the shell. The other one hatched! I've heard that bantam chicks hatch early, and this is definitely a bantam.

He or she is from an egg laid by my black cochin bantam hen. I'm not sure who the father is. Wanda loves this little chick. She decided to abandon the rest of the other eggs to take care of her chick. I put the eggs in the incubator, but I'm not sure if they'll make it or not.

Devin decided he wanted to name the chick Darkus. So here's Darkus!

In other news, I needed to build a chick brooder pen. I found some extra trim pieces my dad left me so I decided to use that. I built a frame for 4 panels that could be attached together to form the pen. I wanted to be able to disassemble it when it wasn't in use.

Then I used the green plastic "poultry fence" that I've had laying around to cover the frame of the pen.

I set up the panels inside the kennel because I didn't want the goat kids to jump on it. It works perfectly! I made it low enough so I could step over it. Total cost: $0!! Sweet.

Here are the chicks that my friend Becca hatched. Four of them are from her flock, and the rest are from mine.

They're getting big!

Wednesday I received my order of turkeys from Meyer Hatchery. I ordered 15 broad-breasted bronze and 5 broad-breasted white turkeys. I'll be keeping about 8 to raise for us and other family members, and the rest will be sold.

I also got two guinea keets. I went to an auction last week to sell some of my roosters. My friend Becca met me there, but she left a few minutes before me so she wasn't there to stop me from buying anything! I blame her. :-) Just kidding.

Devin named the light colored one "Lightening" and Kylee named the dark one "Tylee" after a boy in her class.

That's all for now. I'll try to do a post later today about the mammals on the property. Right now I need to go be a productive member of society. :)


Jennifer said...

Wow... chickies, chickies everywhere, lol. That lil bantam chickies is so cute :) I like your brooder area, we had to build one too in our coop, I have 30 of my March chickies out there (sold) waiting for pick up.

Dad said...

I hope one of those turkeys has my name on it! Love you.

Becky said...

Darkus is so cute! (cute name, Devin!) I love the picture of him snuggled up to Wanda. I'll cross my fingers that the other eggs hatch in the incubator.
Wow! Great brooder pen! at a great price :) You're up to your elbows in poultry!

Deb said...

Your farm should be named Plentiful Poultry Palace!! I love all your babies! Love you, Momma

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