Thursday, May 27, 2010

Water Dogs (and Kids)

I'm way late in posting this. Like almost a month late! Way back at the end of April we got a heat wave. It was HOT. We decided to take the kids and dogs down the road to the river.

Scooter loves the water. He always has. He runs right in and just loves to swim swim swim!

Turns out Elmer loves the water too!! He jumped right in after Scooter. Of course the competition of getting the toy helped his nerves. :-)

The kids had fun wading in. It was too chilly to swim though. After all, even though it was 90* outside, it was still April and the water was cold!

They loved racing to get the toy!!

Elmer was a really good swimmer.

But most of the time Scooter barked so Elmer would back off. He's bossy like that.

Bossy, and very focused.

The one drawback to Scooter swimming....after he comes out of the water he HAS to roll in sand.

Thanks, Scoot.


Jennifer said...

LOL! Bet Scoot was one dirty dog! Great family pics.

Becky said...

I love seeing Scooter swim! He sure loves it. I'm glad Elmer is being brave :) Looks like a fun way to spend a hot day!

Deb said...

Oh, what a great old boy he is! I love that he still has his wits about him and still loves to have a good time! Thanks for sharing those great photos! I am glad that Elmer is picking up the tradition - he's a great pup! Love, Momma

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