Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have a list of things I've been putting off, and I'm really going to try to get most of that list done today if I can. I figured I'd blog about it so it might motivate me more. :)

Katie-Do List

-move teenage chicks into the big coop

The chicks are having a blast exploring! See my two bearded ladies? There's one in the center, and one at the bottom right (although her beard is less full). I really hope these two are definitely pullets.

-put up a new fence in the yard for the sheep and goats

-rake up old hay in pasture and put in garden aisles
-take off front panel of sheep shelter (now that it's warm out)
-put new bedding in sheep shelter

-paint roof and sides of sheep shelter

-replace flat tires on chicken tractor with new tires
-move turkeys into chicken tractor
-finish building nesting box so we can sell it
-finish shearing Darla (I'll show you pics's funny)
-transplant the last of the flower seedlings

Ok. That's all I can think of for now. It's going to be hot today, so I may just give up. I hate the heat. Have I told you that? It makes for one very unhappy me.

Well, I made a pretty good dent in my list today. It was so hot I took several breaks between chores. Here are a couple more pics I thought I'd share with you.

This is one of the chicks I hatched in November. Isn't she pretty?

Now I'm going to go shower and relax in the air conditioning!


Becky said...

You can do it! Goooooo Katie! :) I worked outside this morning and it was really hot. Just take a lot of breaks and hose yourself off :)

I can't wait to see Darla :)

Becky said...

Way to cross those things off, Kate! :)

Kim said...

When making a list, I always write down things that I have already accomplished. That way you feel productive before starting! You look like you already have a good start.

katiegirl said...

Good idea, Kim!! LOL. I'm slowly chugging along...

Becky said...

Wow! Great job! You got so much done! The sheep shelter looks great. I love the bearded ladies!! They're so cute :) I know they loved exploring! Your banner picture is gorgeous! I love how focused it all is. The clover really stands out and that hen is so pretty. She's what I picture when I think of a hen.

Jennifer said...

Very nice pics. Katie... your chickens are BEAUTIFUL :) I took the day off and took the teenagers to the lake, it was nice!

Becky said...

The turkeys look really happy in the tractor! :)

Deb said...

You did great getting some farm chores done! Things are looking good around there! Love you, Momma

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