Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chickie Babies!

Remember way back in Marhc when I mentioned a friend I met on Backyard was going to hatch some eggs? Well, they hatched! Eighteen little fuzzy butts hatched last weekend!

Look at this little guy (or girl)! He has feathered feet!

Another cutie!

You can already see a beard forming!

Group shot!
My friend is coming over with her kids this weekend to drop off some chicks. Her kids are also going to feed the baby goats, which they didn't get to do last time because it wasn't feeding time yet. Hopefully they can milk June while they're here too!
Oh, and I'm going to be setting eggs in the incubator on Saturday! Hopefully I'll have around 30 to set!
**And don't tell my chickens I'm telling you this, but I found a new broody hen with a nest in the big hay feeder! But don't tell anyone I told you because I don't want to jinx it. We've got major broody hen issues here!


Jennifer said...

Oh Katie... they are soooo cute! So happy for you! Good Luck hatching your bator eggs and with the broody, so cool! Cant wait to see pics.

My April bator hatch is due next Thursday!

Becky said...

Wow! Look at all those cute fluff balls!! Cute!! How many are you getting back?

I'll cross my fingers about the broody hen but I won't tell her that my fingers crossed ;)

katiegirl said...

I'm not sure exactly. I think she wants to keep around 6-8 chicks, so possibly around 10!

katiegirl said...

Good luck with your April hatch Jen!

Deb said...

They are so cute!! It's hard to imagine how fast they loose that fluffy cuteness. Great job to your friend! Love, Momma

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