Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you see what I see?

What is that? Over there in the grass?

Want a closer look? Do you know what it is?

A nest of baby bunnies!

I mean brand new baby bunnies!

I didn't get a good count, but it looks like at least 4 or maybe 5 of them!

They're in the sheep pasture. I saw the nest on Friday and it wasn't finished being built yet. This evening when I fed the animals I saw Momma bunny near the nest. I wondered if she was having them. She ran off when she saw me, so I took a closer look. They are really new babies! There was even a piece of afterbirth at the front of the nest. I'm guessing no more than a day old, though I don't know that much about wild rabbits.

This is the second batch of baby bunnies I've found in the sheep pasture! I know wild rabbits can be a pain, but so far they haven't given me any trouble. I enjoy watching them. I'll keep taking pictures of these babies every few days so we can watch them grow!


Becky said...

Awww :) Cute! and cool shaped nest.
Remember how cute they are when they're eating your garden this summer ;)

Deb said...

How very awesome!!! I would love watching them grow up. I would be tempted to make one a pet but I remember what a pain they were after they were grown up. sigh.. How very cool Katie!! Love you, Momma

Jennifer said...

They are cute... we have alot of wild rabbits here too. I've seen young ones already this year but havent found any nest yet.

Dad said...

Wow Katie that is awesome!!! That is so cool! And they have my birthday too. lol Thanks for the picture. love you.

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