Sunday, May 16, 2010

Animals Everywhere

The March chicks are full feathered now, they've just got bits of down clinging to their heads and necks. It was time for them to go outside!

This is the chicken tractor I found on Craigslist for $20. I didn't quite realize how rotten the wood was, but I stabilized it for now. I had to put wire mesh on three sides because there was just window screening. I was afraid some mean little creature would bust right through it trying to get to the chicks.

There are some really cute ones in the group! Do you see the reddish one just in front of the white one? There are two like her. Their heads start off reddish and then fade to white on the tail! I hope they stay like that.

The sheep and June have been doing really well with grazing in small paddocks. The ram lamb keeps escaping, but he usually hangs out in the area so it's not a big deal.

Wanda is being a fairly good mom to her chick. Sometimes at feeding time she'll forget she has a baby when she runs over to eat. Then he'll PEEP PEEP PEEP for her, and she'll take off across the yard, wings outstretched, as if she's thinking to herself, "OH no! I forgot the baby!" It's pretty funny to watch.

The weather has been great these past two days...sunny and mid-70s! The sheep enjoy the shade and cool grass. Darla's midsection has been growing, and she frequently lays down and grazes.

Purl looks so pretty laying in the grass.

June is as nosy as ever. I just love this little goat. She's a good girl. She knows the routine now. I let her out of the gate when it's feeding time. I'll go in and feed the sheep and she'll wait until I come out, then we both walk to the barn for milking. She usually lags behind just a bit, but she always comes in. Then she hops right up on the milk stand like she's supposed to do.

I hatched these three chicks about a week (or two?) ago. I can't remember. It was a very poor hatch. I set 36 eggs and only 3 hatched. Ugh. I blame it on not having a fan in the incubator. That will be remedied soon. I will be setting more eggs in the next day or two. I did manage to get a green egg to hatch though! That one should be pure Americana.

And look what else I got!!!! Looks to be a frizzle to me! My little frizzle rooster is doing his job after all!

The turkeys are really getting big. They're eating a ton. Can you see the two guinea keets? The one is gray and at the top of the pile, and the other one is brown and at the bottom. They love the turkeys.

David took the dogs out to play fetch for a while today. Elmer loves to run.

And Scooter loves to fuss at Elmer and fight over sticks.

"Why do you keep calling for me Mom? Don't you know I'm chasing sticks?"

"What? You have a stick too?!!"

He's the cutest dog in the world. He'll be 14 next week! My sweet old man.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!


Becky said...

What fantastic pictures, Kate! Gosh, where do I start?
That's a great chicken tractor! Too bad the wood is in bad shape but not bad for $20 :)
That story about Wanda forgetting her baby at feeding time is hilarious!! It actually made me laugh out loud! :)
Darla's tummy is getting round! They all look so happy grazing in the shade. Purl is looking pretty again now that she's lost that super naked look.
June is the sweetest. I LOVE that picture of her. I think she's smiling.
Those turkeys are so cute... and the guineas too. So, I guess it's safe for turkey's and guineas to roost together? Is it only chickens that carry whatever illness turkeys can catch?
I love Elmer's lips! They're flapping in the breeze. Scooter is such a sweet old man :) Those are great pictures of him!

Deb said...

What a wonderful animal update! Thanks for sharing all of that. I think the Wanda, June, and Scooter stories were my favorite but you have great things happening on your farm! Love you, Momma Happy Birthday Scooch!

Jennifer said...

Awwww... everybodies so cute! Love all the chickies

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