Saturday, August 15, 2009

Around the Farm Yard.

I'm calling it a farm "yard" because it's really a yard that I wish was a farm! Ha!

I let the dogs out this morning and it was so nice and cool out so I decided to take some pictures. Plus, I feel like I've been short-changing my blog lately, so I wanted to update some things.

First off, the baby bird made it through the night with flying colors! I brought him to work with me and fed him at least every hour. That little guy could eat! I made few calls and now he has been taken to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research! I met one of their volunteers half-way yesterday to make the drop off. I'll call them in few days for an update. Hopefully the little guy (or girl) will make it!

The rogue chicken gang made its way to the front yard this morning. They were being pretty social.

This is the usual group. It's the 4 sex-link hens, the Light Brahma (the white one), Cogburn, and his girlfriend.

This is Cogburn's girlfriend. She is no bigger than a pigeon and cute as a button. Cogburn is a ladies' man, but he spends the night with this girl in the shed. I guess they like privacy away from the chicken coop. She needs a name. Any thoughts? It's got to be delicate and dainty like she is.

Of course Cogburn has to strut his stuff for the camera. He gets darker and darker every day. I don't really notice the change until I look at old blog posts. Don't tell Cogburn I told you this, because it'd hurt his ego....but the other night he'd snuck in with the broilers, and when I grabbed him to put him outside, he screamed like a girl! Seriously, it was the funniest shrill squawk ever!

Jack had to come over and see what I was doing. He's been outside for about two weeks now. He loves it.

Caught in the act! Those darn tomato thiefs are at it again! I can't really do anything about it until we get the fence up.

Look! Baby watermelons! There are lots on the vines, and they're about tennis ball-sized right now.

This is the hen I traded with my coworker for one of the Buff Orpington Roosters.

The flowers in front of the garage are looking good!

I set the broilers up outside last week. They seem to love being out all the time now. I can shut them in the kennel when it gets dark and let them out during the day.

What are you lookin' at?! This picture cracks me up!

The broilers are almost 4 weeks now. They're getting big!

Jack followed me to see what I was doing.

And of course Tucker.

Look how big their feet are!

There is one little broiler that loves to follow me around. I have to watch where I walk or I'll step on him.

These birds are professional eaters. They frequently lay in front of the feeder and just stuff their faces.

The free exotic chick is growing up too!

I love this picture of Jack.

And I took this one of Tucker so he wouldn't feel left out.

Oh, two more updates.

1. I've made about $12 so far with my road-side veggie stand! Not bad for not much work.

2. When articles online tell you to pen up your guineas so they can get used to a new area or they'll run away, it's a good idea to listen to them. I haven't seen the guineas since the morning after I got the two new ones. Oops.


Linda said...

Great pictures!

Just looked up the movie. Katharine Hepburn played "Eula Goodight" in the movie. Not sure if that's delicate enough.

Becky said...

I'm so glad the baby bird is doing well :)
What about "Minnie" for Cogburn's sweetie?
I love the picture of the broiler looking at the camera!! LOL
The last two pics of the cats are gorgeous!!!

katiegirl said...

Linda, I already named a cute little fluffy black hen Eula! I didn't realize Cogburn would take a liking to the little one. And I think the little fluffy black one definitely looks like a Eula!

Beck, Minnie is cute. I thought of a name yesterday, but I forgot it!

Patrick said...

I think it should be Vivian. She seems like such a lady and it would fit her.

debajohnson said...

I think Audrey for Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's & My Fair Lady). Jack looks so happy there with you! I love all the pictures and love the stories of the hens!! Great work Katie! Love, Momma

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