Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lost......and Found.

This was a weekend for finding things. We spent the weekend working on the fence for the sheep, so yesterday morning I went out and was starting to piddle around the yard (is that right? sounds like I was peeing, but I promise I wasn't). I looked over and guess what I saw?


Mr. I'm-going-to-take-my-new-friends-and-run-away. He and his male buddy were back. I'm not sure where the female is. I hope she's sitting on a nest somewhere in the woods and nothing bad has happened to her.

I'm not sure why the boys came back. I haven't seen them in almost two weeks I guess.

And what did they do? They ate and left. Figures.

They were back again today. I guess they're going to use me for my food now.

We spent a lot of time yesterday clearing brush from the fence line. Turns out one whole side is lined with cherry trees. Cherry tree leaves are toxic to sheep once they're wilted. Fresh and totally dry leaves are fine, but wilted ones are bad. We took out as many trees as we could, but there are still some on one side. Luckily, it won't be a problem winter through late summer, as long as we don't get any major wind that blows leaves/limbs down. I'll just have to be careful to keep the leaves out of the pen once they start falling.

Know what else I found this weekend? Eggs. Lots.of.eggs.

First I found this nest in the metal shed. We haven't put the floor in the shed yet, so I guess some chickens thought it was a great place to make a nest. I found 6 eggs on Saturday, and another one today.

Then I found a few more eggs in the garage today. This make-shift nest is in the water trough that is currently holding electrical supplies for the garage.

Then I hit the motherload. We were putting up the fence behind the chicken coop, and I looked underneath the coop because I thought I saw an egg peeking out. I stooped down to look and what did I find? At least 25 eggs!

Here's where they were getting under the coop.

Here are the eggs I found! I'm not sure that I'll use them, because some of them are probably 2 weeks old and it's been very hot out.

My friend Lindsay is bringing some nest boxes that she's not using anymore, so hopefully next weekend we'll have the egg-hiding habit broken.

The sheep pen is almost done. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow!


Jonathan S. Miller said...

Man, those eggs are gorgeous!!! I'm glad Waldo and his buddy came back... if only for your food :) Can't wait to see pictures of your fence!

debajohnson said...

Amazing farm you've got going there hon. I love it. I love all your poultry! The fencing looks like a lot of work but you are doing a great job. I am tickled to see two of the guineas coming back for dinner! I can't wait to come see all you've done! Love and hugs, Momma

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