Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It's been incredibly hot here, so I decided today was a good day to let the broilers free range for the first time.

So, I enlisted the work crew.

Anyone in there?

We dragged the plastic fence (which is pointless for the big birds) over to behind the garage to set up a run for the broilers.

Then, we gathered the chicks up and put them in the big dog crate. This was an interesting task when you're trying to instruct a 6 year old and a 4 year old. They don't yet know about flight zones and points of balance with animals. I think Devin was getting the hang of it by the end though.

We moved the crate outside and got ready to open the door so they could sally forth into the big world.

Go ahead. Sally forth! I said sally!

Finally we had to dump the chicks out of the carrier.

They all just stood around for a moment wondering where in the world they were. It was so hot they were panting. Luckily it was much cooler outside in the grass than it was in their pen in the garage.

Before long they were foraging like pros! Well, almost pros. One little enthusiastic chick grabbed a leaf and started bragging. Did you know chickens brag? It's silly really, and if they had half a brain they wouldn't do it. When a chicken finds a tasty morsel they grab it in their beak and start running around trying to hide it from the others. They actually make such a big deal about it they attract their chicken buddies. Then all the chicken buddies try to steal the prized bit out of the braggart's mouth. It's pretty funny to watch!

Here's Bootylicious. Actually, they're all pretty bootylicious even though they're only two weeks old!
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Look at that baby chicken butt in the background. I can't help it if I think chicken butts are cute. Especially laying hen chicken butts. Something is wrong with you if you don't think this is cute!

They settled right in and had a great time foraging and free ranging.

That's right chickies....keep eating those bugs, it makes you nice and tasty! I know. I'm not right.

I worked hard in the garden tonight finishing freeing the lima beans from the wrath of the gourd vines. Then I harvested half the row of green beans (which is all going to go to the compost pile because they're way overgrown) and the squash (I now have white patty pan squash coming out of my ears). I did get a few tomatoes. Some of my tomatoes have blossom-end rot, which they usually grow out of. They'd better grow out of it...

Tomorrow David and I are going somewhere exciting! Stay tuned!


Becky said...

Where are you going?? I can't wait to find out :)
You're so funny! I love reading your posts. The chickies look like they had fun eating all the bugs. :) Interesting article about flight zones and points of balance!

debajohnson said...

I sure wish I was there to watch. I loved having poultry at Chingville. Remember when I used to call the 'Ladies of the Choir'? I love your set up Katie! I can't wait to find out where you two are going..... Love you, Momma

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