Monday, August 10, 2009

It's hot!

It was really hot today. Like 100* hot. Luckily I get to work in the AC all day, but I worry about David who is outside all day. I got home and decided that since I sat in the AC all day I needed to do a little work. My sister inspired me today with pictures of her renovated garden, so I decided it was time I got off my hump and did some work too. I pulled out the stalks from the first corn planting, since I harvested the ears last week. I got stung by something...twice. I don't think it was a bee, because the pain didn't last as long as a bee sting, but whatever it was it hurt.

After I pulled out the corn stalks, I decided it was time to pull out the beans. They've just about stopped producing, so I pulled out the rows of yellow and green beans. I was tempted to pull out the cukes also, because they're just about one. Luckily for them there were a few cukes not quite ready to pick. Their time will come though...

Here's the before pic:

And here's the after pic. I still need to till up the area and replant, but it looks a little better. I think I'll plant some more beans in that area. I still want to pull out some squash plants, but I'll get to that another day.

It felt strangely good to work outside in the heat. Made me feel like I was doing something. Of course, the shower afterwards felt even better!

I decided to put some vegetables out by the road to try to sell some. I set the stand up on Saturday. I had a big sign that read "Fresh Veggies" and had some prices on it ($.50 for cukes and squash), but a storm came in on Saturday night and blew it down. It wasn't damaged, but I need to re-hang it. Devin is really excited about the stand, and gives me regular updates. He came in yesterday and proudly exclaimed that we had money in the jar! Woo hoo!! I counted it....all $.12 of it. Haha! I guess someone wanted some cucumbers and thought that was a good donation. Hey, it didn't really bother me. At least someone ate the cucumbers instead of them going on the compost pile.

Today I had a little more luck. I got $2! If I keep this pace up, I'll be rich! I think I'll put that money in the chicken feed fund. Those suckers eat like there's no tomorrow.

I refreshed the stand's contents today after the garden work. I added another patty pan squash, some tomatoes, cukes, and peppers. Hopefully I'll sell more tomorrow!

I'm not sure if I'm better off to put the sign back up with prices, or just let people make whatever donation they want. I guess tomorrow will have to be signless, because I didn't put it back up yet.


Becky said...

Good work! You're a stronger woman then I am to work in that heat! It looks great. Doesn't it feel good to look out at that spot this morning.
I love your veggie stand! It reminds me of when we set up a stand as kids.
Your pattypan squash are so cute! I know you're sick of them but I think they're so neat! Good luck today :)

Linda said...

Whew! I'm sweating just thinking about you being out in the heat. You garden does look nice.

I've only seen pattypan squash in the ornamental bin at stores. Can they be eaten?

katiegirl said...

Yes, they can be eaten! They are pretty good actually. They grow so fast I had a hard time harvesting them in time, so some got a little big. One thing that's great about them is that they last FOREVER at room temperature, almost like a butternut or acorn squash. But you can cook them like summer squash!

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