Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruffled Feathers

I got 4 new chickens today. Beautiful chickens. Two barred rock hens and two Americana aka Easter Egger hens. Why are they called Easter Eggers? I'll show you at the bottom of this post.

Here is one of the Americanas.

Isn't this Barred Rock hen gorgeous? She's my favorite!

Not long after the girls arrived, there was drama. The chickens had to re-establish their pecking order. And boy did they peck! You should click on the pictures to really appreciate them.

Check out that neck action on the part of the Buff Orpington rooster (the gold one).

Love the Americana's neck!

The other Americana comes in to help out at this point. Or maybe she was trying to break them up. Who knows.

Tucker thinks they're crazy.

Eventually the rooster gave up and walked away. I noticed he had a little blood on his comb, but nothing major. One win for the girls!

This rooster is ugly. How ugly? He's so ugly even Rice Krispies won't talk to him. He reminds me of something. Like a llama.

He's lucky he's got cute cheeks. Bright blue patches of cheeks. Much brighter than they look in this picture. But look at that ugly mug. Whooo-ee. David says he looks like his face got run over. I think I'll call him The Dalai Llama. (no offense to the Dalai Llama)

This is why those hens are called Easter Eggers. Their eggs are the prettiest shades of green and blue.


Becky said...

I look forward to your chicken posts because of the commentary! You are so d@mn funny! Rice crispies won't talk to him! LOL You're right, he does look like a Llama. That barred rock hen is SO pretty! That's amazing that Tucker just sits and watches the chickens fight. Maybe he knows that chickens have sharp feet? I can't wait to come meet your chickies... I wish we lived closer... sigh..

Linda said...

He reminds me of a character actor in an old movie like Scrooge.

They're so pretty

raysuf said...

The chickens fighting reminds me of some place. Um where have I been with a lot of clucking and hens fighting? I can't put a finger on it.

katiegirl said...

LOL Ray.

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