Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Months Young

I'll just start by saying I'll never love another dog as much as I love Scooter. It's just simply not possible for any other dog to possibly be as wonderful as he is.

I somehow feel like I'm cheating on Scooter if I say how great Elmer is. Like Scooter will somehow know I'm blogging about Elmer. And I also kinda feel like you (yes you) will think I've forgotten about Scooter if I post pictures of Elmer.

It's stupid, I know. It's just how I feel.

Ok, back to Elmer. He's just over 5 months now, and he really is a great dog. He is so very sweet. He loves to be close....sitting on your lap, leaning on you, it doesn't matter as long as you're touching him.

He really tries hard to make us happy.

Yes, he's still a puppy and does puppy things, but for the most part he really does try to be a good boy.

And he's so cute.

And he was nervous because I was taking pictures of him.

Here's to the second best doggie in the world.

And it's worth it to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Becky said...

Katie, you really know how to pick doggies! Elmer is an awesome dog. He's amazingly calm. Don't worry, Scooter knows that you love him more then your luggage ;) Beautiful pictures of Elmer!

debajohnson said...

Scooter has been so wonderful and he told me he wants you to love Elmer as much as him because he can't stay forever. Scooter also told me he has worked hard to train Elmer so you'll stay happy forever. Smart dog that Scooch! Love, Momma

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