Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too much time on my hands?

I was off yesterday because it was Columbus Day. I got a few things done around the yard. Cleaned up the garden a bit, picked spent Zinnia blooms to save seeds, put some gourds out on the veggie stand so I can hopefully make a few bucks.

I also went through all of the clothes in the kids' rooms. I sorted out the ones that were too small and bagged them up. I might try to sell some of the nicer pieces, but we'll probably donate the rest. I organized all of their winter clothes and figured we needed a way for the kids to be able to put things where they belonged and keep their clothes organized.

So, I decided to make labels for the drawers. I drew a picture of the item and then wrote the words also. Each drawer now has a label. Hopefully we'll be able to hand the kids a pile of their folded laundry, and they'll be able to put them away by themselves.

Here's Devin's dresser.

And here's Kylee's. All of her shirts are hanging in her closet, so we'll have to put those away for her.

David commented that he's never leaving me home alone again. Hehe.


Becky said...

Katie! That is fantastic!!! What a great idea! Man, you got a lot done yesterday! You even had time to felt?! What did the kids think of their new drawer system?

katiegirl said...

The kids seem to like the labels!

Deb said...

What a wonderful idea and I sure hope it works! At least there will be no more excuses! Great job Katie girl! Love you, Momma

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