Friday, October 23, 2009

Garden Update

The sunrises the past two mornings have been absolutely spectacular! It's hard to drive to work and look at the sunrise, especially because I'm heading south and driving away from it. The colors were so pretty.

This is a shot from yesterday morning. It's slightly blurry because I was driving down the highway.

This morning I tried to be a little safer so I pulled over to take this picture. It didn't turn out nearly as pretty as it was in real life. It was so red on the horizon and you just can't see it in the picture.

Remember that saying, "Red sky at night sailor's delight; red sky in monring sailors take warning?" Hope all the sailors out there are aware of that. ;-)

The fall garden (meager as it is) is doing well! These are radishes. I think. I can't remember if I planted white radishes or not, so there's a small chance they might be turnips. I think turnips are much bigger though. I'm not really sure. That'll teach me to not write anything down.

Devin likes to pull weeds in the aisles. Hey, I won't turn down free help! You can see the kale in front of him. It's doing really well! I can't wait to start harvesting it.

Pull those weeds!

Spinach is coming along nicely. Hopefull this spring it'll really take off! I'm not sure if I should pick a few of the bigger leaves for salads now, or wait until spring to harvest.

Scooter had to come out and inspect to make sure we were safe. He was on alert. See Jack (kitty) in the background?

The zucchini plant and squash plant are kind of in limbo right now. They each have a small fruit, but they're just not growing. It's just slightly too cold. I'm going to wait it out and see if they get big enough to pick. I should have planted these plants a few weeks earlier.

The squash is a little bigger than the zuke, but it's still only about 3" long.

The beans are still doing really well. We're picking them every few days. They're not producing nearly as much as they do in the summer, but we're getting enough for a few dinners.

I asked Kylee to help Devin pull a big weed so I could get her in a picture. She was standing behind me the whole time.

Oh, and look at this gourd! I think it might have been a bushel gourd grown from a seed a coworker gave me. It's not bushel sized, but it's big enough for a craft or something. I saw Martha Stewart had a lamp made out of a dried gourd. That would be something neat to do.


Becky said...

We must have the same weather front coming through :) Your skies are so pretty since it's so flat over there that it lets you see more of the sky.

Your garden is still going strong!! Way to go kids for weeding! I think the spinach is meant to be picked and eaten in the fall... then plant spring spinach in the early spring.
Mmmm... kale. I can't wait to harvest mine either! Caldo Verde, baby!

katiegirl said...

I know! I can't wait. Caldo Verde!! YUM!

Deb said...

I think those are turnips Ka Ka. I love how y'all love Calde Verde and did right from the start! It all started because Fr. Pereira was coming up to Gunston Dr to visit. I got the recipe from Jeff Smith's chapter on Portugese food. Everyone loved it including Fr. Pereira. I even baked him some Portugese bread. 1986 was the year! Thanks for the memories. Love you, Momma

katiegirl said...

Wow....1986? I can remember it! Chris was just born... Time flies!!

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