Monday, October 19, 2009

Crisp Fall Morning

It's so nice to see the sun after 2 days of rain. Everything is soggy and muddy and I can't wait for the nicer weather this week will bring.

The sheep will be leaving this weekend. I'll be a little sad to see them go. I've gotten attached to them. They're both nice sheep. I'll be excited to go get my own sheep though. If all goes as planned, I'll be picking up my Southdown ewe sometime in the next few weeks. I'll get my Romney ewe in November sometime. My goats will also be coming back sometime in the next few weeks.

I think the sheep are glad it stopped raining also. I need to go ahead and close in the shelter now that it's getting colder. I'll wall in the two side of the shelter and leave the front (the lowest side) open.

Clarabelle is so cute. She was busy eating, so I called her name for the picture.

A few of the chickens like to dine with the sheep. Calvin will be going to the hair sheep sale this Saturday. I need to bathe him, so I think I'll wait until Wednesday because it's supposed to get up to 70*. Hopefully he can stay clean from Wednesday until Saturday. ;-)

Tucker is once again helping me with the chores. He likes to rile up the chickens.

See the two guineas, Carmen and San Diego, on the right side of the picture? They're both hunkered down over the feed. I think they've finally figured out that the chicken coop is nice and cozy, and theyv'e been staying in there the past few days. Hopefully they'll roost in there from now on.

Hope you all enjoy your Monday!


Becky said...

That first picture is gorgeous!!! I love seeing the animals :) Tucker is so funny messing with the chickens. Are they afraid of him?
You'll have to get Clarabel's mom to send you pictures of the lamb(s) when they're born so you can show us!

Deb said...

Tucker looks like a gangsta cat stalking and stirring up trouble! Does that mean the male sheep is going to be sold and gone for good? You have quite the farm there my Katie girl! I love reading your posts. I think the term for buttons that are too big is: gawdy. he he he Love you, Momma I wish I had eggs to collect........sigh.......

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