Friday, July 3, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

I had off work today for July 4th! Yay! I woke up just a little later than normal and helped David get off to work and take the kids to daycare (today is a switch day so they go back to their mom's). I went out in the garden to plant pumpkins and watermelons in the new bed David tilled for me last night (thanks babe!). The rogue chickens (a group of the same 4 every time) escaped their pen and came out to join me. One pullet kept stealing the seeds if I was too slow covering them up with soil. I had to chase her around a few minutes to get back a pumpkin seed. Those suckers are too expensive to be chicken feed! Plus, it was WAY too big for her to be eating, and I didn't want it to go to waste. I got the new bed planted, plus I planted some random empty spots with sunflowers and other assorted flower seeds. Then I weeded a little with the stirrup hoe. It was really nice and cool this morning, so it didn't really feel like work.

Then I showered and went to work for a few hours to work on an on-the-side project. I got frustrated because I couldn't find the stuff I needed, so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I decided to leave work and head to the thrift store. The thrift store is pretty popular around here. I like to go and see what kind of kitchen stuff they have. I really love vintage kitchen stuff, but I don't want to spend the money to buy it usually. Every now and then I'll pick up one or two things. I found a few neat things today, and only spent about $24 total.

I really like this little hot plate. At least I think it's a hot plate. It has cork underneath. See where the price tag ripped off the picture? Darn! I am going to try to paint it and touch it up. There was a second one with a different picture, but I didn't want to spend the extra dollar for it because I didn't like the picture as much. Now I kinda wish I had picked it up. It was only a dollar. Edited to add: It's made in England. Jolly good!

I got this double Tupperware measuring cup because I thought it was cool. It matches two-cup size one I got a while ago from the same store. What purpose do these double ones serve anyways? It's not like you can use both sides at once. The little heart things are for making pancakes (and eggs maybe?) in heart shapes! Cute! Now I'll have to make David heart shaped eggs and pancakes one morning. Hahahaa. Edited to add: Oh, one side of the measuring cup is for dry, and one is for liquids!

These Corningware mugs were only a buck each. I like old mugs. I wonder if it's stupid of me to only get one or two of them when I see them, instead getting 4. I really don't have room for all the mugs though.

These cute little things are for making mini bundt cakes I guess. I'll have to try them out. They were only a buck for the whole set.

This big green Tupperware bowl reminds me of one like it (but smaller) we had when we were growing up. I remember we used to use it when we milked the goat. Funny how you remember certain things.

I found these really cute napkins/handkerchiefs/whatever they are. I paid $7 for both. They're really too big to be napkins, so I'm not sure what they are. The embroidery/applique is done by hand and the stitches are so perfect! Not sure what I'm going to do with these yet.

Someone put a lot of time into these!

And I love this old sugar sack! It's really soft and worn. I couldn't find a price, and got a little nervous when the check out lady said it was an antique. I thought it would be too pricey, but she finally found the price......a dolla fitty! Cheap! I think I'll frame it and hang it in the kitchen.

I found this cute little flower power sleeping back for $4.50. It'll be great for Kylee to take camping!

They had some vintage Pyrex bowls I really liked, but it was $10 for a set of two and I really felt guilty for spending what I did. Maybe they'll be there next time.

And today's random story: I was draining the kids' blow-up pool so I could clean it out and re-fill it for the weekend in case I decided to get in it. The water was just changed last weekend, but it had gotten pretty yucky. I used a hose to syphon the water and accidenly swallowed some of it. YUCK. The only thing worse than swallowing nasty algae-and-hose-tasting water is doing in TWICE. Double YUCK!


Linda said...

Hand towels! The kind that you hang in the bathroom for guests but no one ever uses.

Becky said...

You have the best thrift store! :) I remember that tupperware bowl! It was the perfect size for everything. I love all your great finds today! That sugar sack is really neat. Framing it is a great idea!

Amy Lue said...

Wow! Love the thrift store finds!! Anybody can buy new stuff, but old stuff with character is so much more valuable and interesting. Glad you appreciate that!

Amy Lue said...

also, they are not only bundt pans...but Jello Molds from the 50's & 60's. My mom had a set and we would have our own individual jello w/fruit coctail in it on lettuce, back when Jello was a "Big" thing.

Binzer said...

AND you can use your new mugs to make me coffee when I visit....oh AND your new coffee pot ;-)

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