Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Bee

Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I've been crafting every night trying to get something together for the craft show on Saturday! My order of 25 meat chicks should be in any day now. Their area is all set up and ready to go. Hopefully I'll get a call from the post office when I'm at work so I can have an excuse to leave work. ;-) The garden is still ahead of me. Squash production has slowed slightly. Some of the small squashes are starting to rot on the plant. Any thoughts on that? I've seen a tiny bit of evidence of powdery mildew starting in, but it's on a different plant than the rotting fruit. I picked a bunch of green beans last night, but I wasn't up to picking the yellow beans. I'll try to get to those tonight.

I'd been hoping to avoid spraying any chemicals in the garden this year, but it appears I might have to get some liquid Sevin. I have seen lots of larvae of Mexican Bean Beetles on my yellow wax beans, and they just crossed over to my green beans. Also, my Swiss Chard looks more like swiss cheese thanks to an invasion of blister beetles. My coworker said she burns up the crop with a blow torch (she's an organic veggie farmer) but I'm not quite ready to give up on the crop yet. I'll try a good spraying of liquid Sevin and see how that does.

I still desperately need to trellis the gourds and lima beans, but I just haven't had the time. Why is it that there's never enough time to get done what you want to get done? I feel like I'm always playing catch up! Hopefully after the craft show this weekend I can really get some things done. Sorry, no pics in this post. I'll post some pictures soon!

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Becky said...

Sorry about your bug invasion. My first few leaves of swiss chard were really eaten up but after that the bugs seemed to be full :)
Have you seen the insecticidal soaps in the store? I've never tried them but they might be worth a shot.
Some of my zuccs have been rotting on the vine too. Not sure why...
I'm crossing my fingers for you this weekend!! :)

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