Monday, July 27, 2009


My dad brought me some boxes of old stuff of mine he's kept for the past few years (and he also brought me something else that's pretty darned awesome, but I need to take better pictures of it, so I'll show you later), and I had fun looking through the stuff. There was a box of old trophies from when I showed sheep in 4-H, a box of old books I'd read as a kid, and a box of stuffed animals I used to play with. It's really neat to look back at the stuff I had and remember how young I was. I can still picture that stuff as if it was in my room and I was back living at home.

I also found a folder with a picture in it.

Want a closer look?

That's me, Aunt Linda, and Becky. Aunt Linda is my dad's sister. I can remember going to stay with her in the summers when we were little. We always had a great time! I am guessing I was probably 7 or 8 when we stayed, and I felt so grown up! I remember riding around in her car listening to Paula Abdul. How cool were we?! To this day every time I hear a Paula song I think of Aunt Linda! I remember watching the movies Pollyanna and Sleeping Beauty. Ooh, and she'd take us to the Waterside mall. We went to the fudge place and watched them work the fudge on the marble slab. I loved that! And there was a toy store with a HUGE stuffed horse in the window. I dreamed of owning that horse. I think it was something crazy like $1,000. Or maybe it was $100. Probably that. When I was that little, $100 seemed like $1,000. Once, Aunt Linda said we were going to TGIF at Waterside. I remember thinking we were going to see TV stars in a parade like Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey from Full House and others from the TGIF tv line-up. Imagine my disappointment to find it was not anything involving tv cast members. Haha!

Once, Becky got the hiccups and Aunt Linda gave her a spoonful of sugar. I pretended to get the hiccups too just so I could have some sugar! We had so much fun visiting! Aunt Linda would tell us about her friend Pat with tons of cats! I can't remember exactly how many she had, but it seemed like a lot!

And this is weird. I read the Stephanie Plum series from Janet Evanovich (great books!). Every time Stephanie talks about her apartment, I picture Aunt Linda's old apartment! I'm not sure why, but I do.

Thanks, Aunt Linda!! We had so much fun visiting you!

Look at this face. I was a pretty cute kid if I do say so myself! I couldn't find a year on the picture, but I'm guessing I was 2 or 3? Mom, any ideas?

And here's Becky. Look at all that hair!

Those ruffly collars must have been pretty popular. Eat your heart out, Paula.


Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Katie,
About the pullet on Mainely Ewes Farm, she doesn't have any feathers on her feet or legs. She will fit in well with our other birds.

Linda said...

I LOVED that blouse!

This was taken before you moved to MD. I won a raffle at church. Your mom insisted I be in the picture with y'all. I'd forgotten all about it.

When she moved to NC it was up to 20 cats.

I'm so glad you had fun on your visits. It was fun for me too. And sorry about TGIF...

katiegirl said... if it was before we moved to MD I must have been almost 2 or just barely 2.

Becky said...

Katie! You won't believe this but I think of Linda's apartment too when I read the Stephanie Plum books!

I had such fun on our visits too. Remember the cookies with the smiley faces on them? I remember the sugar hiccup cure fondly :) Remember going to the dollar store? I was so amazed when Aunt Linda said we could pick the toy we wanted.... any toy in the store! :) Ahhh... memories :)

katiegirl said...

How weird that we both think of the same apartment! LOL!!!

And I DO remember those smiley face cookies!! Remember those stuffed bears (I'm pretty sure they were bears). There were two of them and we loved to play with them!

Dad said...

I love "hearing" you two reminisce. And I can see you faking the hiccups to get the sugar katie. LOL

Anonymous said...

Katie, you were probably only 18 or 20 mos or so. You always looked older because you had so much hair. In fact, I think people thought you were a 'little person'! :-) Linda was your second 'mom'. I wanted y'all to have all the love you could! Now when I read Janet Evanovich, I will be trying to remember Linda's apt!!! Y'all are too funny! Love you, Momma

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