Monday, April 29, 2013

The Great Mulching Challenge

Every year my garden gets taken over by weeds.  This year I'm determined to control the weeds, without as much weeding.  I plan on doing that by mulching every section of garden that can possibly be mulched. 

I start by laying down something like cardboard or paper.  I stop by the feed store now and then and ask for any cardboard they've got that they're not using.  These pieces below come from the pallets of feed.

I also use paper feed bags.  I cut the bottom seam off, and cut the bag up the side to open it up.  The paper bags have three layers, and the middle one has plastic on it, so I don't use that layer. 

After the paper gets laid down, I put a heavy layer of straw on top. 

I've only got one row done so far, but as I plant the garden I'll mulch more.  I'm really hoping this effort will pay off later this summer!

And my asparagus is finally up!  I planted it last year, and when I weeded the bed earlier this spring I saw a ton of vole holes.  I thought for sure voles had eaten all the asparagus, but luckily it seems fine!  I only picked 3 asparagus this year, but next year they'll be ready for a bigger harvest.  I can't wait!


Becky said...

Great ideas!!!! I hope it works! Weeding is definitely the worst part of having a garden!
Yay for asparagus!

Momma/Deb said...

You'll be glad you did! Great job Katie!!! Love your asparagus bed!! Love you, Momma

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