Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Bits

I'm going to do a post about random stuff because each thing isn't really individually worthy of a blog post!  The other night we had the most delicious dinner.  We had lamb chops (home grown, from last year's ram lambs) and parsnips on the grill.  I chopped the parsnips and put them in the cast iron skillet with some lard, and they were really good.  The lamb chops were so good both kids were practically gnawing on the bones to get off every tiny bit of meat they could!  It has been unusually warm here (80 degrees!) so we fired up the grill.  Love that thing.

Devin turned 10 at the end of March.  Where does time go?  He got his very own recurve bow, so David set it up for him and they all went out to practice. 

David helped Kylee since she's a little too small to use this one on her own.

They all took turns, and I (wo)manned the grill so the lamb didn't burn!

I mentioned I got a bird feeder for Christmas, and I am still really enjoying feeding the birds. I saw a new bird there, and snapped a picture.  Does anyone have any guesses as to what kind it might be?

I finally got out in the garden!  The warm weather got me motivated to get out there and do stuff.  I finally got the potatoes planted.  First I had to cut the seed potatoes up and let them heal over before planting.

Here's what my garden looks like now.  I cleared out all the dead tomato plants and cleaned it up a big...which should have been done in the fall, but oh well. 

Digging the trench wasn't much fun.  I have a herniated disc in my back, so I had to be careful to not over do it, which is hard when you're digging a trench.  I would have loved for it to be wider and maybe a tad deeper, but it'll have to do! 

I have 2 blueberry bushes.  I can't remember the varieties, but one is looking good and the other is looking a little sad. 

I know it's alive though, because I accidentally on purpose broke the tip of the stem and it's green in there. 

Tonight I need to focus on getting my seeds started.  I have been meaning to at least start my tomatoes, but I haven't been able to get around to it.  Hopefully tonight is the night!


Becky said...

Great pictures :) That's great that the lamp chops were so good. :) Devin looks so grown up with his bow. Did that bird stick his tail feathers in the air a lot? It looks a little like mockingbird but not quite. We have a ton of those here.
Great work on the potato bed!! That's a lot of work!!

Momma/Deb said...

The bird is a female brown headed cowbird. She will lay her eggs in other bird's nests so they will do all her work for her! Sadly the bigger babies push out the real mother's babies.

Great bow and arrow Devin and fun for all to join Dad in practice. I will take your word for it in regards to the lamb chops. Dirty wool I tell you!! he he What are you going to plant in the trench? Asparagus? Keep the grass down and they should do fine. If you got Black or Jersey Nights, you can harvest lightly next year. I got one the other day and ate it raw...yummy! Oh maybe it was for potatoes. Great work hon!! Love you, Momma

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