Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This and That

This afternoon I went out on the deck to take some pictures for my Gardener's Soap sets.  As soon as I sat down on the deck, Tucker came over and layed right down in front of me.  He thinks any time I'm at his level it means I want to have him in my lap.

It's hard to resist a face like this, though!

David bought me the bird feeder on the left as a Christmas present.  It's by far my favorite present of the year.  My brother and his girlfriend got me a Tractor Supply gift certificate for my birthday (in early April) and I got a thistle sock to add to my bird feeding area.  I've already got Goldfinches!  And I put out a suet feeder with nesting material.  I hope to have lots of birds all season long. 

Here's my mini-greenhouse experiment.  I wanted to plant some baby bok choy, but I'm not very good at keeping teensy seeds like that watered if I plant them in the main garden.  I figured I'd plant them in the window box right on the deck, so I see them every time I go outside.  I'm leaving the plastic wrap on until they germinate, then I'll take it off.  I figured it'll keep the soil warm and moist so the seeds have a better chance. 

And check out what David made me!  He carved these utensils by hand, out of chunks of poplar his coworker gave him.  I love them!  They're his first carvings, and I think they're great!  I hope to use them for many years to come. 

Both of my does (rabbits) are hopefully pregnant and due any time now.  Hopefully I'll be posting baby rabbit pictures soon!


Kim said...

those are great kitchen utensils!

Becky said...

Wow!!!! Those utensils David carved are amazing!!!
I love your idea of covering the planter with plastic wrap. :) Your house is going to be the favorite place for birds! :) Good luck with the rabbits! I can't wait to see baby bunny pictures!

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