Monday, April 15, 2013

Shearing Day!

Today was shearing day!  Emily Chamelin, who shears in the mid-Atlantic area.  I usually do my own shearing, but after hurting my back I realized it's worth the money to pay a professional!  She did all 7 sheep faster than I could have done just two. 

Barley was the first sheep to be sheared.  Here's the before:

And here's the after:

Spots!  I don't remember her having spots last year after I sheared her.  Natural colored Romneys (she's a cross) tend to fade as they age, so it's always a fun surprise to see what she'll look like after shearing. 

Here's Bean's fleece.

And here's the nakey Bean.

I think she looks pretty great (she's on the right below, Darla is on the left). 

And here's the whole flock together.  The ram needs to gain some weight, which I knew. He has grown a lot frame-wise, now he needs to put on muscle.

The ewe lamb is looking great!  I still haven't named her...

Remember my friend's very wooly ewes? They got sheared too!

I was really looking forward to shearing day.  It's like Christmas morning.  Waiting to open presents, waiting to see what the ewes look like-same thing!


Becky said...

She did a beautiful job! I love the freckles on Bean and Barley! :) That ewe lamb is gorgeous!

Kris said...

They all look great. Very healthy sheep you have there. I bet you do feel better now. And they sure do.

Our shearing day will be this Saturday. My friend does it. And her son will coem this time to help out. She doesn't do near the job yours did though. I am hoping she can get the fleece all off in one piece this time. I don't think mine will look as good as your sheep do. My biggest ewe is awful boney right now. And it's SO hot here.

Momma/Deb said...

What a great job and your flock looks great Katie! Emily is worth her weight in gold! I also love the freckles!! Barley is beautiful too! Love you, Momma

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