Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Roof, Rabbit Babies, and More

We got a new barn roof!  The two layers of shingles were getting pretty worn and the roof was leaky pretty badly, especially on my side.  We decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and replace it before the wood underneath was damaged.  We went with a metal roof because it was cheaper, lasts longer, and is pretty maintenance free.  Even though we love saving money by doing work ourselves, we decided to hire this job out.  I'm so happy we did, because they did it so much quicker than we could have.

We went with the same color brown as we had before.  I love the new look!  We'd love to do the house with metal roofing in the future. 

We set the hammock up in the front yard last week when we put the animals out there to graze (so we could keep an eye on them).  Kylee and I got in some good relaxing time!

The sheep/goat pasture is finally ready to graze, so I set up the first paddock for them on Monday.

Then yesterday (Wednesday), I opened up another small section for them.  This picture below was taken Wednesday afternoon.  You can see the line where they grazed the first section.  Normally I would have put up a back fence (to keep them out of the already grazed section), but I didn't have time before work. 

The lamb is following her mama, Darla, out to graze. 

I thought this was a nice family picture of the purebred Southdowns.  Darla, the ram, and the lamb. 

I knitted a jumper for my good friend's baby girl.  I hope she doesn't read this blog.  :-)

My #2 doe kindled (had babies) on the 24th.  She had 11, but lost 2 shortly after.  She still has 9 fat, healthy babies. 

Rabbit babies are the cutest!

These babies' father is my American Chinchilla/Silver Fox buck.  I bred my #1 doe to the New Zealand buck, hoping for some purebred babies, but she didn't take.  I'll breed her again soon. 

And I need to get around to posting about the meat aspect of the rabbits.  I'll get to it some day!


Tayet said...

Cute baby bunnies! I loved Junie B. Jones when I was younger. Darla's lamb is getting so big!

Tayet said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hop on over to my blog and grab it :)


Mary Ann said...

Loved this post, loved seeing the lamb in the pasture/yard. I wish you would post about electric fence netting... I want to start using it here and am still a little afraid of doing so, but we have coyotes picking off chickens during the day.

Momma/Deb said...

What a great post and thank you for the pictures of Darla's ewe lamb! She's a beauty! Love the photo of that fat baby bunny!! Your garage roof is amazing and worth so much more now hon! Nice job! Love you, Momma

Momma/Deb said...

Ooohhh, I love the baby jumper!! Thanks for the photo! I know that Jenny's baby will be so cute in it! Love, Momma

Becky said...

The barn roof looks fantastic!!! The hammock time sounds so relaxing and that picture of you is very pretty. :) The bunnies are so cute! I love the jumper! Great job!!

Missie Rice said...

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Francisco Close said...

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Saundra Wordlaw said...

You did a great job in choosing metal roof and hiring professional roofers! The roof is always a good investment and it's always a wise way of spending your money. By the way, I also love the roof’s color.


alex amarxon said...

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