Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bring on the Kits!

We're finally ready for babies over here.  I tend to procrastinate just a tad, so I waited until tonight to get a nesting box and new cage for the rabbits. Until now, the sisters had been sharing one big cage, and I needed to finally separate them.  The smaller sister picks on the bigger sister, plus the bigger sister is expecting a litter very soon.  I left Big Sister in the big cage (30"x36") and put the smaller sister in the new cage (30"x30").  Once Little Sister gets bred, she'll move out into the big hutch outside and the male will move into the cage she's in now. 

Big Sister was bred on March 31st, and gestation is about 28-31 days for rabbits, so I figure she's due anytime around Saturday.  I'm excited to see what she has.  This will be my first litter of meat rabbits!

She's got plenty of room in the cage, and has already been hanging out in the nest box, although that's pretty much so she can eat the hay (I've got a round bale of hay, so I used that instead of straw). 

And Little Sister now has a cage all to herself so she doesn't have to irritate her sister anymore.  Not that little sisters ever truly irritate their big sisters, right Becky?

Please excuse the fuzzy pic, my batteries were about to die.  And please also excuse my pile of feed sacks. I'm collecting them to put down in the garden aisles this year to help combat the wire grass.

Stay tuned for pictures of baby bunnies...hopefully soon!

1 comment:

Becky said...

Nah, you little sisters NEVER irritate us... hehe. :) Besides, who would we have to boss around if we didn't have younger siblings?
Bunny looks happy in her new digs. Can't wait to see little baby dinners... I mean bunnies! :)

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