Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When You Have Goats

When you have goats and you sit down in the grass, you're likely to have one lay down in your lap. 

I was visiting with the animals the other evening and Ida was all over me.  It was like she hadn't seen me in years.  She laid down right in my lap for a while, then got up and harrassed me some more.  She rubbed on me, kept trying to step on me (I don't let her), chewed on my hair, licked me, etc.  I think she likes me. 

I tried to get a few good pictures, but my Go-Go-Gadget arm wasn't working so I had to settle for these.

Then June came over and decided she loved me too, but she's not as enthusiastic about it as Ida is. 

June makes me work for it.  She can't let me have the upper hand in our relationship.  Crazy goats.  (and check out Ida trying to eat my hair in that last pic)


Becky said...

Your goats are the best! I love how you visit with them. It's no wonder they love you. :)

Allison Preiss said...

Too cute!!

DogsMom said...

Isn't it amazing how different every personality can be.
I love when they get so excited to see you, even though you may have been by to feed and water only an hour before.

Jennifer said...

lol... looks all too familiar. My Ringo & Peanut do all that too me, Ringo is almost 4 months old & still tries to lay in my lap... he loves a good neck rub. He doesnt eat my hair anymore but Peanut sure does, or tries too! Tulip loves all over me... Star is standoffish, she doesnt like to be touched at all.

Very cute pics Katie.

Deb said...

I love how much Ida loves you!! That will make it so easy when you breed her and milk her! How great! I know you love it as much as she does. Your animals really know how much you do for them! So sweet! Love you, Momma

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