Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

A friend sent me the link to the site, The Victory Garden of Tomorrow. They make posters, t-shirts, note cards, and other cool things. They're promoting modern homesteading by creating posters reminiscent of historical posters used to promote the same things, like victory gardening.

They've also got an Etsy shop.

I love their work and I would love that "Eat Real Food" poster in my kitchen! Or maybe the chicken hugger! Or maybe the pickle jar or...I could go on and on!

*pictures from


Becky said...

Cool! I love vintage posters from that era. I'll have to check it out.

Deb said...

what a great movement - sadly we have to rely more on ourselves to insure the healhiness and safety of our food sources since the huge agra businesses care more about profit than health and safety. When you read that broccoli now has 40% less nutrients than in the past because of poor growing practices, we have to take a stand and our pocketbooks back by growing our own or shopping from local sources who believe as we do. It is possible to have healthy, sustainable, foods and a profit too. Right now, the poutry industry is mostly in favor of a new law that specifies humane care of laying hens - guess who's against it? The cattle and pork producers because they fear new humane laws might be passed their way and they are fighting to have the bill killed. I am proud of each of you for doing what you can to promote heathly eating and living! Love you, Momma.... oh, cool signs too! he he

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