Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For Birds and Bird Lovers

I made a few suet wreaths for Christmas gifts and forgot to blog about it. There are a few other gifts I need to blog about too, so I'll try to work those in soon.

I saw a Martha Stewart episode where she made wreaths out of birdseed and suet, and I thought my mom would like one, since she feeds the birds and really enjoys watching them.

It was fairly simple to make. I just heated up lard (you can find it in Walmart's cooking oils section), but you could also render your own lard or beef suet. Then it's mixed with birdseed. You can also mix in cranberries and peanuts like Martha suggests.

Then the mixture gets poured into a bundt pan. Mine was much larger than the one recommended. It needs to be frozen for about 24 hours to harden, then you can hang it outside with a wide ribbon. It needs to be freezing cold outside, or else the wreath will come apart, like I found out.

If it breaks, it can be sat on a table or platform feeder for the birds. I'm sure they won't mind if it's hanging or on a surface! It's easy to make and pretty to look at!


Becky said...

They turned out beautifully! I know Mom loves hers! I'm sure the birds love them even more. :)

Jennifer said...

Nice. Cute idea.

Deb said...

Thank you so much for my gorgeous and tasty (the woodpeckers say) suet wreath. All the birds and the squirrels want some of it! Very nice job my Martha...oops Katie girl!! I was very surprised and quite taken with your talent!! Love you, Momma

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