Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rabbit Boys

Here are a few pictures of the rabbit boys. None of the rabbits are named, I just call them all Bun-Bun. Maybe one day I'll think up some names. This first guy is my mini-rex. He's really friendly, and loves when I let him out to explore the garage.

He loved running around Tucker.

He's usually pretty good, and will let me catch him pretty easily. I can't decide whether I want to keep him or not. He's very friendly, but he doesn't really fit into my breeding plans.

And here's the big boy, the American Chinchilla/Silver Fox cross. This big boy used to really intimidate me, because he'll growl and jump at me, but now I know to stand up to him, and I've even given him a tap on the nose to get him to straighten up. We kind of have an understanding now.

I think this big boy will make a nice breeder with my new girls, once they're old enough. I can't wait to see what the rabbits will look like.


Tom Stewart said...

you have rabbits too.
I will be getting my three breeders and two babies this Friday. One California Doe (the mother of the two babies), One Silver Fox Doe and a Silver Fox Buck.
I plain to breed both Does with the Buck late winter or early spring. They will be meat rabbits and after I get some in my freezer, I will try to sell dressed rabbits to others!

Becky said...

Those bunny boys are so cute. :) Tucker is funny sniffing them. I can't wait to see what the babies look like. :)

Deb said...

I love Tucker seeing the bunny! I know what you mean about bunnies intimidating's hard to read them! Good luck with the breeding program. I will eat hasenpfeffer!! (from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Love, Momma

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