Saturday, January 7, 2012

Munch Munch

June is due to kid on Feb. 14th. She's getting pretty wide! I can't wait to see what she has. I bred her earlier than normal, and since we got a cold snap a few days ago I'm wondering why I decided to do that! I'm not sure if I'd rather milk in the freezing cold or in the hot, humid summer. I'm thinking I'd rather deal with the cold. I don't deal with heat well.

I love how they all dig in and then look at me with mouthfuls of hay. Barley is the lamb looking at me head on. I love her.

And of course Ida can't stand like a normal animal and eat, she's got to make it entertaining. :-)

Once again Ida is up, because you know the best tasting hay is on the top!

I'm currently feeding a round bale since my hay people were out of small squares. It's been working pretty well so far, and I think now we have a method for unloading the bale. It's much easier feeding it out when it's standing up, since it just unrolls.

And it's cheaper than small square bales, which is a huge bonus!


Mary Ann said...

We have been thinking of getting a large bale for our llamas... putting it down in the pasture. It looks like it is working well for you!

Becky said...

Your goats and sheep are so cute! June is look very pregnant! :) I think I'd rather milk in the cold too. :) Fewer flies! Ida is so cute. I'm glad the round bale is working out.

Jennifer said...

Cute... they are funny arent they. Cant wait to see babies... I need to get me a round bale for my girls... I bought square bales earlier this winter.

Deb said...

Great work and love that Ida......what a nutty girl! I am glad you put your round bail in a container so that they can't stand and spoil it with their 'bathroom' duties. Great work! I still love the little monkey faced lamb.......sigh Love you, Momma

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