Monday, November 7, 2011


I asked David to snap this picture of Barley and me yesterday. I wish she was standing a little more naturally instead of being kind of hunched up, because it makes her look slightly smaller. The little girls, Bean and Barley, have been staying in the barn pen since the ram is out in the pasture. I have never bred a ewe lamb, I've always waited to breed them as yearlings, and I was debating breeding Barley as a lamb this year. I'm leaning towards no, since I'm nervous she'll have complications and I really don't *need* her to lamb this coming spring. I'd rather wait one more year and not have any issues from her being too small.

Barley and Bean have been going outside to graze for a few hours every day. I'll put a halter on Barley and let Bean follow us. To go back in the barn, I just call the girls and they both follow right on my heels (even stepping on my heels!) and go right back in their pen. Sheep definitely go better when they're led, instead of being "pushed" from behind, like cattle.

I just love Bean and Barley and can't wait until next fall to breed them.


Becky said...

Look how much she's grown! Wow! I love her color. They're so cute following you so closely into the barn each night. :) I think it was a good call not to breed them this year. I hope they both make great mothers next year. :)

Deb said...

They sure are sweet girls!! Love my monkey faced one... Momma

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