Monday, March 23, 2015

Lambing Wrap Up

Barley, my final ewe to lamb, lambed last night at 9pm. She had two big, beautiful natural colored lambs...a ewe and a ram lamb.  They were up and nursing and really strong from the get-go.  She's doing fabulously, and is being a great mom.

It was a great lambing season, however short it was.  I ended up with 7 lambs out of 4 ewes, with a total of 4 ewes and 3 rams.

Dixie: single Southdown ram lamb
Bean: white ewe lamb, natural colored ewe lamb
Darla: ram lamb, ewe lamb
Barley: natural colored ewe lamb, natural colored ram lamb


Becky said...

What gorgeous lambs!! (and a gorgeous picture of you too!) Congratulations on a great lambing season!!! :)

Sarah said...

They are beautiful! Congratulations on a successful lambing season.

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