Friday, May 4, 2012

Wanda Does It Again

Wanda just hatched out a new clutch of chicks yesterday.  She's my perpetually broody hen, and she'll be 3 years old later this summer.  I figured I'll let her hatch out as many chicks as she wants because she loves doing it so much. 

She always likes to make a nest in one of the 4 holes in the nesting box, which means it's crowded for all of the other hens. I'm glad she's done now, so all the rest of the girls have more space. Plus, sometimes when Wanda gets down to eat or drink, she gets confused and can't remember which hole is hers.  I found her in a different hole twice about a week ago, and I was really hoping she wasn't off the nest long enough to let the eggs get too cold.  Luckily they hatched anyways (well, 7 of the 10). 

And I love having chicks around, especially when they're raised by a hen and not by me!


Jennifer said...

Way to go Wanda... chicks are so sweet. I love watching them with their mommas. I have so many broodies (I do every year)I'm just gonna let them hatch as many as they want too, then sell later this year or to whomever wants chicks :)

Kelly said...

Wanda is the greatest. We have a couple of hens that I think are getting broody. I will put eggs under them monday. Hopefully we will have hen raised chicks too. Do you let them in with your other chickens after they hatch?

Allison Preiss said...

That is so cute! I can imagine it is much more enjoyable sitting aside watching while the hen does the raising! LOL

Can you give me some tips on identifying roo's in a bunch? Mine are 4 weeks old right now and I am not sure if that is too soon to tell.

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