Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Babies of the Place

I have seriously been slacking on blogging lately, so in an effort to catch up I'm going to do an update on all the babies around here.

First, the rabbits.  I like to give the momma, Turnip*, lots of extra goodies now that she's feeding 12 kits. 

Just look at this pile-o-babies!  They vary in color, some are black and some are brown (agouti?).  A few of them have white on their bellies and in their ears. 

This little guy (or gal) below has a white belly and also white on the tops of his feet, which you can't really see.

Look at this chub!  All of the babies are pretty big, and there's only one that's a little smaller than the rest.

Next up we have our porcine residents.  The two baby boys have been outside full time for almost a whole week now.  They all get along fabulously, and the big pig is pretty fond of them.

The two little guys are growing well and are pretty chubby, if you ask me.The larger of the two is the Mouth of the South.  He is hardly ever quiet.  Well, he's only loud when he's hungry, which is apparently every time he sees me (you know, the lady who brings the milk).   

Six of the seven babies Wanda hatched are doing great.  The 7th little chick only lived for a day or two.  Something wasn't quite right with it.  It was cold the day after it hatched and didn't seem to get around well, but after spending a day riding around in my bra (hey, it was warm), it seemed to do better.  It went back out with Wanda but died the next day. 

And on to the lambs...

They're big and due to be weaned this weekend.  They're actually a little past due, since until last weekend the piglets were occupying the pen in the barn.

Lambs are a good canvas for promoting world peace.  Who knew?

And last but not least, the seedlings!   I've got nasturtiums, hyacinth bean vines, and moonflower vines starting in this tray.

And this tray below is tomatoes and a few hollyhocks that survived the damping off disaster.

I think I need to fertilize the tomatoes because they've sort of stopped growing.

Well, that's the update for all of the babies around our place.  I still have lots to blog about, so I'll get right on that I think I'll start that tomorrow.

*My sister helped me finally name the rabbits while she was here. The momma rabbit is Turnip, her sister is Parsnip, and the big male is Radish.  I'm not naming my small white male, since I'm trying to sell him. 


Becky said...

I love all those babies. :) The bunnies are growing so fast! I love all their different colors. :) Those pigs are the most entertaining little guys! I loved watching them. Your farm is really booming. :)

Deb said...

Your babies are all doing so good! I love that nest full of blue bunnies!! They are doing really well - especially since it's her first litter! Love the piggies!!! How darned cute!! I am glad she likes them now. Great job dear farm animal whisperer you! Love you, Momma

Deb said...

oh......LOVE the bra transport system.... ROFLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

I've been worried for months that I sold you boys:)

Jason from NC

katiegirl said...

Hi Jason! I am thrilled with the girls you sold me. I just love them. Turnip has been the perfect mom so far, and is taking great care of her babies! In fact, I may contact you next time I'm planning a trip to NC because I'd love to get a male from you! Thanks again!!

Jennifer said...

Everything looks great.

Patty said...

Gotta love those babies!! :)

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