Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Positive and a Negative

I realize I haven't posted pictures of the sheep and goats lately, so here you go! I moved the girls' temporary fence to a section of yard where I'd been stockpiling grass (meaning I haven't let David cut it in a long time) so they could graze a bit. They really enjoyed getting out and grazing, since they've eaten their pasture down and have been getting hay lately.

Barley is on the left, Bean is on the right.

Here's Ida. She recently tested negative for CAE! I got the results in on Friday, and I'm so glad because June is positive. I separate all of June's kids right after birth and bottle feed them, and I'm glad it's worth the hassle since Ida is negative.

And check out Ms. Wide Load, aka Darla. I also got her results on Friday..she's pregnant! I figured she was, but there's always a bit of doubt with her. She'll be on a strict diet from now until she lambs, because she packed on the pounds when she was eating alfalfa hay with the ram. I swear she looks at feed and gets fat!

And speaking of wide loads... June is due February 14th and she's already looking very wide!

I love how when I talk to the sheep they look up with mouths full of grass.


Jennifer said...

Sweet pics. Good luck with all the births & babies...

Becky said...

Yay for the pregnant Darla and June and YAY for the CAE negative Ida!!! Ida sure is growing up. :) I'm sure the girls love the chance to graze on the taller grass. :)

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