Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Reunion

We adopted Elmer as a puppy, from a rescue about 2 hours from us where I grew up. He was one of 13 pups total, but 12 survived. He was one of the last 2 pups to get adopted. After we brought him home, I was looking at all of the "success stories" rescues typically post, you know, with pictures of the dogs' new families. Well, I happened to be looking at pictures of his littermates' new owners, and I saw someone I knew! Turns out one of my friends from college adopted one of Elmer's sisters!

We live about 2 hours away from each other, and we've never managed to get the dogs together...until this past weekend! My friend was coming to a little get-together we had, and I told her to bring Dakodah (her dog) along!

Here is Elmer (L), Buford (middle), and Dakodah (R).

It was really neat seeing them together, but hard to get a decent picture!

They had a lot of the same mannerisms!

Dakodah is definitely more active than Elmer, but she's got the same, sweet, lapdog personality!

It's so much fun being able to keep in touch. When you adopt from rescues, you rarely get to see the littermates grow up!


Becky said...

So neat to see them together! She has a much wider, more bull dogish mouth. (not sure why I thought I had to tell you that since I'm sure you noticed. LOL) I love how her knees were touching in that first photo. :)

Becky said...

Oh, and I LOVE your banner pic!! Your star is so pretty! I really need to get one next year. Great job!

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