Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show Offs

Today all the animals were feeling great thanks to the lovely weather we're having! It really is perfect out....warm but not too hot, and nice and breezy! Our AC has been off and the windows open all weekend.

June and the ram decided they wanted to play head butting games.

They were really getting into it!

Then Darla decided she was going to join in too!

The whole time I was in the pasture the turkeys were showing off for me. They would follow me around and strut, trying to impress me with their lovely feathers and blue and red heads.

Turkey heads are weird and bald and wrinkly, but they do have pretty colors.

Oh yes, Mr. Turkey, you are very impressive. I'm amazed at your good looks. I can't wait to eat you invite you for dinner.


Kim said...

What great looking birds! I'm sure they are just waiting for their invitation.
Love the new picture of the butterfly!

Beth said...

I think i saw a Star Wars character that might have been inspired by that face. They really do look like they're from another planet when you look at them in the face. =D

Jennifer said...

Nice Pics. Katie... its been beautiful here too lately. Your turkeys are so pretty.

Becky said...

Awesome banner pic!! How pretty! :)

Those boys head butting are so funny. I love the pic with the ram's front feet off the ground. That's funny that Darla wanted to play too. The turkey's are looking yummy... I mean, great! :) That brown tom is so impressive :) Are they making that thumping noise yet?

Kelsi said...

The photo of your goats and ram playing crack me up! I cant wait until we have some of our own!

Deb said...

What a beautiful picture of the butterfly and flower Katie! Way to go hon! You are very talented! I love how the animals feel as happy as we do with cooler weather! You promise Fall is coming? Love you, Momma

katiegirl said...

Thanks Mom!

Becky, I've heard the thumping a few times now! They're still hesitant to gobble a whole lot though.

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