Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pecks of Pickled Peppers!

How did Peter Piper pick pickled peppers? I mean, don't you have to pickle them after you pick them? One of life's great mysteries I guess.

We have had a wonderful crop of jalepenos this year. That's about the only thing we got a wonderful crop from, except the squash early in the year. I made some pepper jelly in July, but i needed to do something with all the peppers I've picked since then.

Sunday I got busy chopping. I chopped lots of peppers into little rounds to pickle, left some whole to pickle, and diced some for the freezer.

Here is a picture from when I made the jelly. I don't have pictures of the finished product, but I probably made enough for 5 or 6 jelly jars full. We don't eat much pepper jelly, so maybe I can find some poor un-expecting schmuck to give some to!

Here are the jars of pickled peppers. Unfortunately one broke in the canner.

I also brought a big grocery bag full of them to work and gave them to my coworker. I'm not sure why I planted so many plants when they produce like crazy every year. Maybe next year I'll plant 2 plants instead of 4!


Jennifer said...

Our Jalapenos did great this year too... I love cream cheese, pepper jelly and crackers, yum. We made some jalapeno poppers the other day, I took pics. there will be a blog soon :)

Becky said...

Good point about Peter Piper! LOL

Great work! I wish I liked spicy foods so I could take some off your hands :)

Kim said...

I have a great recipe for jalapenos.
Split lengthwise and seed. Fill with cream cheese. Top with bacon bits and grated cheddar. Broil for 5 minutes of so.

Deb said...

Way to go! If only I liked peppers! They sure are pretty!! Can you let them ripen and then make a wreath out of them dried? I've never done that so I don't know exactly how to. But they'd be pretty for xmas. Love you, Momma

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