Monday, January 25, 2010

Coop Clean-Out

Yesterday was fairly warm so I decided to take advantage of that and clean out the chicken coop. I did a partial clean out before the big snow storm in December, but it really needed a total clean out. It was starting to get stinky. I also had to clean up the pile of litter from the December clean out, because I didn't have a wheel barrow then, so I piled the litter next to the coop.

The chickens were irritated, because it was late in the afternoon and they were trying to roost. I was seriously messing up their routine!

Devin helped me out. He's at the stage where he loves to help and he can actually do stuff now!

I need a bigger wheel barrow!

Luckily we finished right before it started raining. Everyone got in and found their spot on the roost just before dark.

Sometime this summer I'm going to totally clean it out again, and this time I'll scrub the walls and paint them. The floor might also get another coat of paint while I'm at it.


Jonathan S. Miller said...

Good job! It looks great in there. I love seeing them all crowded in on their roost. Wow, Devin is a big help! Can you add all that dirty litter to your garden? I forget which manures are helpful and which ones are.... not, I guess.

From: Becky.... (Jon was already signed in but I'm too lazy to sign out and in again)

katiegirl said...

I am debating adding it to the garden this year or letting it compost another year...hmm. I worry that the shavings aren't broken down enough.

Deb said...

I think I would compost it also to allow the shavings to break down. Great job cleaning it out Katie! I am thinking of how to build a coop for my few chickens. I don't want to have to clean out floors but want to give them shelter. Hm.... Do you have your babies in with the others yet? I love seeing all of them roosting on the branches! Great job Katie girl! Love, Momma

katiegirl said...

Thanks Mom! No, the babies aren't in yet, but it won't be long!

Have you looked at coop designs on There are tons of designs on all kinds of coops! I like the little ones with the lift-up tops so you don't walk in them but you can reach in them to clean them out.

Deb said...

I found some great ideas on there!!! I can even make a cute coop that isn't too huge! Thanks hon! Love you, Momma

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