Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growing Bellies and Other Pictures

This morning was a good morning for pictures. After I was done feeding everyone, I took off my mittens (a Christmas present made by my sister) and the guineas had to inspect them! They weren't sure what the new things on the ground were, so they very cautiously checked them out. I tell ya, if you ever find yourself needing to laugh more, just get some guineas!

Purl is really growing lately.

Her belly is pretty saggy. Her udder is growing more every day. I don't have the date she was bred, but I know that she was exposed to the ram from August 31-November 7th. That means she could be due as early as January 25th (gestation is around 145-150 days). I think she's going to lamb sometime in February, possibly the second week or so. That's just my guess based on her udder.

Miss June is also developing an udder and quite the belly. She's due on or around March 3, so she still has a ways to go. Her little udder is looking so cute! Every now and then I'll goose her to check her udder. She really hates that.

No pictures of Darla. She's over at a neighbor's house hopefully being bred by their Border Leicester ram. Hopefully this time it'll take!

The chickens are doing well. This little guy is so cute. I have two of these guys. They're Mille Fleur d'Uccles, and they're for sale ($1 each) if anyone wants them. I just don't have a need for more roosters.

The girls have really increased laying lately! I think the slight increase in day length has really helped them! I think the two girls below are a little camera shy.

Remember the Thanksgiving babies? They're getting big and finally through their awkward teenage phase!

I thought I had two cockerels and 5 pullets, but I'm now thinking I have 3 cockerels and 4 pullets. The one that has me guessing is the pretty one in the middle- the white and grey spotted one. I thought she was a she but now I'm thinking maybe she's a he. Are you followin' me?

The two darker buff/red ones are the cockerels. I'm probably not going to keep them either. I don't need any more freeloaders!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Becky said...

Wow, those bellies and those chicks are getting big! Guineas crack me up! Good luck with Darla! I hope you have a summer lamb or two! :)

Jen's Farmily said...

I agree about the increase in daylight. We went from no eggs to getting 10 or so a day. Now I need to find more people to give them to!!

Deb said...

I love that goat and sheep babies are on the way to Katie's farm!! I will have to make a trip up while they are still small. I commented on the other chicken clean out blog before I read all of this one. Now I see the babies. I am sorry you have so many cocks. I sure hope I don't. I love that gray flecked one too! Darn it! They look really good Katie! My chickens don't look anything like yours. Will my babies change their feathers or is the color of their first real feathers it? I will have to email you a picture of them now. Love you, Momma

katiegirl said...

Yes, I'd love to see pics of your babies! Their feathers might change. Cogburn used to be mostly white, but now he's mostly black. And I'd love for you to come visit!! Maybe mid-March?

Deb said...

That sounds great to me!!! I will plan on it. Then I can go by Chris' at the same time!! I will send you a picture of my babies. Becky and Jon are going to help us make the coop maybe next weekend. I know they'll need the heatlamp but I think they will be ready to get out of the bathtub!! he he Love you, Momma

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