Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Light Dusting?

The last weather report I heard on Friday was that we were just a little too far north to get much of anything from the storming coming. We were supposed to get a dusting or an inch.

Well, we got about 6". That's the perfect amount of snow, if you ask me.

The animals can still walk around, but it makes everything beautiful.

Except if you're a teeny bantam rooster. Especially a teeny bantam rooster that roosts in the sheep shelter instead of the chicken coop. Cogburn wasn't very happy with the snow this morning. He was all huddled up and let me walk right up to him and scoop him up. He stayed in my coat for a few minutes while I was feeding the sheep.

I think he liked it.

I put him back with the chickens, but I'm not sure he was happy with that either. The big rooster picks on him.

See that black rubber bowl? Those things are wonderful to have. They take all sorts of abuse. I am using it for the water now, because their last bowl was frozen solid. If the rubber water bowl freezes, all you have to do is turn them upside down and stomp on them. The rubber flexes and breaks the ice. Brilliant!


Becky said...

Awwww... Cogburn is so cute tucked into your coat! I bet he loved that!

I remember those rubber bowls. They were awesome in the winter!

Pretty snow :) The kids want to go out and play in our snow today but it's so darn cold!

Deb said...

I love how you do that Katie girl! I can remember you walking around with one animal or another tucked in! You are so wonderful with animals and they all know it! You have always been a natural animal whisperer! Stay warm! Kisses to Darla! Love you, Momma

Jen's Farmily said...

That is too funny!! He seems to really like it in your coat! I wish our rooster was the friendly. He's more of the "I can take care of MYSELF" kind! ;)

Susan said...

That Cogburn is sure a handsome fellow.
I need a couple of those rubber bowls! I have seen them at the Tractor Supply store but didn't realize how helpful they would be for winter.

Jennifer said...

Cogburn is too cute... our lil bantam rooster Sally Sue didnt like the snow either, he tried to fly and landed in the middle of the snow filled run and was stuck, lol. I picked him up and put him by the coop. I need to get me some of them black rubber bowls!

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