Saturday, February 15, 2014

One Isn't Like the Others

Poor Bean...her first year lambing, she aborted her twins (last year), and this year she has triplets and they all lived and she was a bit overwhelmed I think.  Things started out fine, but a day after she lambed I think she realized one of her lambs wasn't the same as the other two.  

I saw her on the baby monitor, headbutting the white ram lamb.  It seems she liked him sometimes, and would let him nurse, but other times she'd get confused and headbutt him.

I didn't want to separate him if I didn't have to, so first Devin and I tried putting up a bar in the corner of the jug so the lambs could get away from her if they needed to. 

I thought it was working, but then this morning I saw her headbutt the white lamb again.  Since I wasn't sure she'd be able to raise all 3 on her own anyways, I went ahead and separated the white one. How he's in a large dog crate in the barn, with his own heat lamp.  Bean is a bit confused, and still calls to him, but I know she just can't handle raising him.  I thought about knitting a dark colored coat for him, but odds are as a first time mom she can't handle trips anyways. 

Darla is going to be lambing soon, and there's a chance I can foster him onto her if she only has a single lamb, but if she has twins he'll stay a bottle baby. 

I'm thinking about naming him in Han Solo.  :-)

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Momma/Deb said...

Love that name!!! Poor little guy...odd man out! I know you'll do well with bottle feeding even though it's one more job added to many. I wish I lived closer so I could raise him for you. We know that Gromit would help!!! Love you, Momma

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