Friday, July 19, 2013

Ode to Green Beans

If I could plant only one thing in the vegetable garden, it would definitely be green beans.  I love them.  Love everything about them.  They are so easy to grow.  Make a row, drop in seeds, add water. Voila.  A few short weeks later you've got beans.  I think that's part of the appeal.  I'm not the most patient person, so quick turn around is a great thing in my opinion!  I get excited when I see them germinate, excited when I see them start flowering, and really excited when I realize it's time to harvest!

They produce like crazy, and when they really get going you have to harvest every single day. That's pretty convenient, because I could eat green beans every single day!  I've experimented with different varities of green and yellow beans, and I love them all.  Last year I grew a variety of haricot verts (ooh la la!) and they were really good. This year I am growing Tenderettes and a variety of yellow wax beans I have had for a few years (but can't remember the name). 

I even think the plants are so pretty.  They are fairly disease and pest resistant, although some years I get some Mexican bean beetles or stink bugs.  It's hard to prevent stink bugs, and usually the plants are hardy enough to tolerate the pests without any pesticides (which is good, because I really, really try to avoid using any pesticides). 

I just planted a second row last night.  More beans on the way!


* Crystal * said...

Hmm! Love green beans! And I agree, the plants are pretty too :)

I tried these interesting "Green bean chips" not too long ago that look just like green beans (shape isn't altered) and they were made in the oven by cooking low and slow... My goodness they were so yummy, toying with the idea of trying to make them myself :)

Jen's Farmily said...

I agree- I love green beans! I always miss our garden most when I start seeing people post about their fresh veggies!!

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