Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Garden

Yesterday I told you about my rogue bunnies.  I managed to get a cute picture of them eating the leftover goat grain.  They sure seem to be enjoying themselves!

Here's the updated garden.  It's doing pretty well, even though I've been neglecting it the past week or so.  It's amazing how quickly the weeds can grow when your head is turned.  The picture below shows the weedy aisles I finally had to spray with Roundup.  Ugh, I hate doing it, but I just could not compete with that bermudagrass.  My cabbage is growing pretty well, but the harlequin beetles are starting to do some damage. 

Here are a couple squash plants close up.  I had to pull a couple plants out because the squash vine borers got them. I've been inspecting the other plants almost every day to see if the borers get the other ones.  The tomatoes are growing well too, but I really need to stake them or control them somehow. 

Almost all of the cukes I planted germinated, so I should have a nice bunch of them  coming on soon. 

I planted two short rows of peanuts this year, but only a handful of plants germinated.  I waited a bit late to plant anyways, so it's definitely too late now to bother with replanting.  Maybe next year!

1 comment:

Becky said...

Your garden is looking great! You're going to be up to your eyeballs in produce soon. :) Great work!

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