Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kid Stuff

The kids have been in an after school program this year, and it just ended.  They had a showcase the other night, so parents could come see what their kids have been doing.  Kylee has been very busy doing lots of arts and crafts!

This is a French town they created.  Kylee's house is to the right of her. 

This is a flower she created with oil pastels.

I don't remember exactly what this was, but she made one of the squares.

Devin made this structure.  First they had to create the architectural plan, then he had to create it. 

This was a ticket to France they made. 

Some of the other students in the program created a mini-golf course using recycled materials.  They had it set up in the gym for everyone to try out. 

One of Kylee's best friends was also in the program.  They're cute together. 

Last night we had Family Movie Night.  We watched Brave, which was cute.  The kids snuggled in their beanbags, and Buford thought it looked really comfy, so he joined in.  We also had homemade vanilla ice cream and popcorn. 

This morning (Mother's Day), I woke up to breakfast in bed!  The kids made me peanut butter toast and a big glass of orange juice.  They also made me some really sweet gifts.

Kylee made me this craft with cut outs of her hands and really nice sayings on them.

Devin made me this necklace with sweet sayings.

Kylee made me the bird mask and the card in the middle.  Devin made me the card on the right.

Devin's card is tied in the middle, and this is what's inside

I tell ya, I'm the luckiest step-mom in the world!   I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!


Becky said...

Fantastic artwork, Devin and Kylee!!! Kylee's pastel flower is amazing! Your movie night sounds like so much fun. Homemade ice cream!?! Wow! Such sweet Mother's Day cards. :)

Momma/Deb said...

What a great post full of family events!! Does my heart good! I love all the things they did in after school and the family movie night was superb!!! I'm impressed Katie hon! I wanna come next time!! I love all they did for you for Mother's deserve every bit of it hon. You are a great Momma!! Love you, Momma

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