Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eating Machines

The babies are 3 weeks old now, and cuter than ever.  They've started coming out of the nesting box so they can explore and eat solid foods.  Their poor mom seems to be annoyed by them now and then, and she'll either lay flat on her stomach (so they can't try to nurse), or she'll hop up onto the nest box to get away from them. 

Why are rabbit faces so cute?

Kisses?  No, just trying to eat mom's food.

When you're feeding 9 babies, you have to eat a lot!


Becky said...

Oh my goodness! They are so stinkin' cute!!!

Tayet said...

Aww, I thought MY bunny was cute! But those kits take the cake.

Momma/Deb said...

Awww..so darned cute!! Love that grey one! Thanks for the photos hon!! Poor overworked Bunny Momma.........he he he Love you, Momma

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