Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rabbit Update

I brought these two does home from North Carolina a little over a month ago. They've been in a make-shift pen in the barn until today. David and I made a cage for them, and we finally finished it. I needed the bunnies out of the pen in the barn, since June is due any time now and I needed to have it available for goat kids!

I did a lot of reading and thinking about what kind of cages I wanted, and I settled on all wire cages that will eventually be hung outside. I made this cage 30"X36", which will be plenty of space for a doe and a litter. For now both does are sharing it, until we can get a second cage built. Plus I think they enjoy each other's company for now.

I didn't have what I needed to hang the cages, so for now they're in the barn on a metal bed frame set on 2 storage totes. Hey, you use what you've got!

Their little buddy, my mini-rex buck, is next to them in his cage. I let him out every other day or so, and he loves to run around the barn and harass Tucker the cat.

It's sort of hard to tell how big the girls have gotten, but they've easily tripled in size. They're each twice the size of the mini-rex buck.


Kim said...

I'll enjoy seeing how your meat rabbit adventure goes.

Becky said...

I think the bunk bed frame is a great idea! :) Those girls really have grown! Their cage looks great!

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